For the past week I’ve been shooting in Glasgow, Scotland for The Project. We’re over here to cover some stories while the Commonwealth Games are on. Here are a few shots I’ve grabbed while I’m not looking through the camera I’m getting paid to use… It features heavily in the photos because I love it. 

Also, please note: the man, the myth, Steve Moneghetti looking sharp for my first international live cross (in the worst location ever).

With the recent announcement from Apple re the discontinuation of Aperture, I’m now being railroaded into Lightroom 5. I’m looking forward to getting good at it but at the moment it’s like pulling teeth. So much slower now that I don’t know all of my keyboard shortcuts! Here are a few pics from a couple of train stations. Taken with the X-Pro1 and 56mm.

Friends of mine, Harriet and Michael got married in the Northcote Town Hall yesterday and I got to photograph it! It was an amazing day and I’m ridiculously happy with the shots I got. Here’s just a few. More to come once I get round to editing them :-)

Dad and my uncles mid way through their 2nd batch of red wine. 

From my most recent wedding. 

5Dmkiii with the 50mm f/1.4 and 2x Canon 600EX-RT strobes triggered by the ST-E3-RT from the camera. 

Sunset on Wednesday night in Melbourne followed by a couple of shots of sunrise in Sydney on Thursday. 

All shot with the Fuji 56mm f/1.2 which I’m loving to death. If you own a camera in the Fuji line up BUY THIS LENS! You will not be disappointed.