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Great US photo series with the Fuji! I live and work in S.Korea but grew up in the States and seeing your pics makes me want to travel there more. I have the same camera too, good times.


Thanks mate. I look at them and want to travel there more too!
Amazing shots from South Korea. Cannot wait to get there one day. Keep it up!

After 6 weeks on holiday in the US I go over the gear I took, what I liked, what I didn’t and how I did it all!

That’s it! I’m done. Back in Melbourne (already at work btw).
Here are the last shots of Hawaii. The very last sunset over the North Shore of Oahu. Such a beautiful place.
The whole trip round the US has taken about 5 and a half weeks and it was just phenomenal. To those I went with, you were an absolute pleasure to be with and I can’t thank you enough.
And to America: I WILL BE BACK!

Hawaii… Yes, we rented a Jeep and drove with the top off.
We also went stand up paddle boarding and snorkelled with sea turtles!
2 more days until it all comes to a grinding halt :-(


Off to Hawaii tomorrow for our very last stop before home… To work. Ugh

San Francisco. We ate so ridiculously we’ll here. We packed plenty in with the 3 nights we had. The streets are beautiful, the hills are steep, and the Golden Gate Bridge was shrouded with fog. Large couple of days and it’ll be sad to leave!
We’re driving to LA tomorrow. Chvrches gig as soon as we get there!

More pictures from the road today. We’re on the outskirts of a town called Lido. There’s really not a lot here (sorry Lido residents), it just happened to be in between the Napa Valley and Yosemite. They do however have an In-n-Out Burger and I’d been meaning to try one so that was dinner tonight. Surprisingly tasty burgers. Off to Yosemite tomorrow. I’ll be without internet for a few days I’d suggest.

So, there’s been a distinct lack of posting over the last few days but I’m sorry, so that makes it ok. The lack of internet has been worrying me too. We’ve been making our way down the Oregon and Californian Coast lines in a 25 foot RV. We left Portland on Thursday and went south and we’re now in the Napa Valley about to make our way over to Yosemite. The light has been awesome and I’ve been getting lots of use out of my 12mm Samyang. Ok. That’s it.

Portland is awesome.
It’s is the first place that seems really similar to home. I think you could easily make the transition if need be. It’s been a couple of nights and a full day of amazing food, beautiful streets/neighbourhoods and some tasty, tasty beer.
We pick up our 20 something foot RV tomorrow and start our trip down to San Francisco.

For some reason I’ve had a fascination with the cars in Portland. I think it’s been a combination of the beautiful streets and the fact that the cars just look awesome in them.

No post last night because Vegas. I was certainly paying for it this morning!
Gambling tally: I’ve forgotten. Money changed hands, roulette was played, chips were exchanged. That’s all I know.

The Grand Flippin Canyon!

We took a flight out of Las Vegas over to the south rim of the canyon then jumped on a helicopter to take a closer look round. AMAZING! I couldn’t recommend seeing it from the air enough.
Waking up at 4am was totally worth it.

Las Vegas!!!!!!

Unbelievable that we’re in Las Vegas. It’s like walking into a 90’s film. Very weird. Another small post today because I didn’t have my camera with me for most of it. We went to see Jerry Seinfeld at Caesars Palace so I had to ditch it pretty early. He was hilarious by the way. As if he wasn’t going to be.
Up at 4am for a flight out to the Grand Canyon tomorrow so expect photos from that!

Current gambling tally: +$84.00