Grabbed a few shots at a friends wedding the other weekend. These were all shot with the new Fuji 56mm f/1.2 and the X-Pro1.

I was RIDICULOUSLY impressed with the lens by the way :-) 

Strawberry picking with my awesome nephew.

Sorry about filling all of your feeds with other peoples kids but I like these shots :-)

I had planned to take a crap load of photos this past long weekend at the Port Fairy Folk Festival but instead I barely touched my camera! So this is all I shot

Shooting for The Project today with langstonhues while he’s in the country. Here are a few quick frame grabs from the C100 footage. 

Not a bad way to spend the morning if you ask me! Check out his fantastic stuff on modest street fashion if you get a chance.

Back in the country over the weekend and spotted this dude through the trees.

A quick trip over the Tasman to visit the neighbours in New Zealand. We saw most of the South Island in a little campervan.

Shooting for work down at Seal Rock just off of Phillip Island yesterday. I don’t usually take a stills camera with me when I’m at work because I just don’t have a chance to shoot both stills and video properly but I couldn’t help myself. I managed to grab a couple of shots when I got a very brief chance. Thanks to my producer Loretta for shooting the last one of me :-) 

Seal Rock is home to over 5000 seals. 

These are some of my favourite shots from 2013. I’m looking forward to creating plenty more in 2014!

This ones from the start of the year. It’s never seen the light of day so I thought I’d let it out there.